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Opinion – 1 February 2020

Stephen Lynas bathwellschap Scrambled Eggs

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Safety or Salvation. Competing ideas for understanding Church

Ann Memmott Ann’s Autism Blog Surviving Church of England Announcements

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4 years ago

Stephen Lynas brings into focus something which has been bubbling beneath the surface of many discussions over the past ten days. Ultimately the issue at stake isn’t the Church’s attitude to same sex marriage. Rather it is whether our understanding of Christianity is built upon pastoral care, love and inclusion, or whether it is about adherence to rules (the modern incarnation of the Law) and authoritarianism.

I hope and pray the former wins.

Stanley Monkhouse
Reply to  Kate
4 years ago

But what has the C of E to do with Christianity? It’s an arm of the state, the estabishment. Nothing will shift it or the bishops until …. the death of HMQ. Then who knows? The heir apparent, the future Supreme Governor of the C of E, reportedly prays to, doubtless inter alia, Allah. There is at this moment a bill to evict the bishops from the Lords. I guess it’ll fail this time, but when we proclaim “God Save the King!”, then can open, worms everywhere.

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