Thinking Anglicans

Opinion – 1 July 2020

Simon Weir Eastern Daily Press Bucket-list builder: churches and cathedrals
“Six stunning churches to visit after the Covid-19 lockdown”

Michael Sadgrove Woolgathering in North East England A Last Post

Rachel Jepson ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…to 2020 Vision

Luke Irvine-Capel All Things Lawful And Honest Undone by doing

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Dominic Barrington
Dominic Barrington
3 years ago

What a remarkable and extraordinary post by Michael Sadgrove. His path and mine have crossed too little in this strange world, but I hold him in deep respect and affection. I’m moved and affected by what he has written (both in this post and the one to which it links part way through that explains his decision to relinquish ministry).   I don’t really fully understand his decision. Personally, I cannot imagine voluntarily laying aside my ministry as priest even when I retire, until health fails me – but I absolutely accept that it isn’t necessarily my right to expect… Read more »

Reply to  Dominic Barrington
3 years ago

Dominic, I had a very similar reaction but couldn’t find the words to express myself (that’s a rarity as anyone who who knows me will attest to) but you have captured the essence of my feelings. Thank you.
I, too, will miss Michael’s “wool-gathering”.

3 years ago

I have always appreciated ‘Thinking Anglicans’ but I wonder if it could be broader ‘post lockdown.’ Less white, English and provincial. More mission focussed and ecumenical. Recently there have been excellent Christian thoughts from the USA and the Vatican, for example, about climate change, racism and Buddhist meditation.
The fifth anniversary of Laudato Si deserved wider notice and Anglicans in Hong Kong and South Africa think excellently also! Any chance of video links?

Rowland Wateridge
Rowland Wateridge
Reply to  Michael
3 years ago

At the start of the early streamed services during ‘lockdown’ I made a similar suggestion after watching Tim Chesterton’s Sunday morning service from Canada, and thought it might link up with Father Ron Smith’s Church in New Zealand, and expand from there. Susannah Clarke had a similar idea and hoped she could set it up. Sadly, the idea came to nought and both Tim and Susanna have departed from TA.   I can’t speak for them, but my impression in both cases was that they felt that some of the argument had become too dogmatic and, occasionally, far too vehemently… Read more »

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