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Opinion – 11 August 2018

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Sexual Abusers and the Abused – the cost of forgiveness

Mark Vernon Church Times Century of the selfie

Sara Gillingham The Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale Being Intersex in the House of God

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Father Ron Smith

A lovely testimony from Sara Gillingham. However, what Sara didn’t mention – so far as I can see – was the statement of Jesus, in the Gospel of Matthew 19:12, where he says: “There arer eunuchs who are so from their mother’s womb” – a category of non-procreators that includes both intersex people like Sara and those intrinsically gay. Such people are neither ‘freaks’ nor ‘abnormal’, but children of our loving Creator God.


Great respect for Sara Gillingham for speaking about being born intersex and great news too for the church and society, which can learn so much from her.


The claim that “1.7% of the population is intersex” is patently absurd, even worse than Kinsey’s claim that 10% of the population is homosexual (when the true figures are nearer to 2%, according to the largest studies ever dome). Social constructivism mascarades as science in intersex questions, as it does in gender disorder (now relabelled ‘gender dysphoria’). But now advocacy societies (like ‘The Intersex Society’) are set up to promote these outlooks and declare themselves arbiters of truth, so that medicine and psychology are no longer based on science but opinion forming, i.e. politics. This is what Leonard Sax had… Read more »

Susannah Clark

Gordo, I’m sorry you are suggesting that gender dysphoria is a ‘social construction’. I suppose next you will be saying: “Social constructivism mascarades as science in Creation issues (now relabelled ‘evolution’).” To those who suffer the deeply unwelcome distress of gender dysphoria, I assure you that it is a reality and not a construction. Transgender people are facing an increasing backlash at the moment from fundamentalist Christians, extremist feminists, and sites like Mumsnet. Gender dysphoria is a scientific reality and so are various kinds of intersex condition, and I am sorry but you seem to be subverting these deeply distressing… Read more »


I have a different view to Stephen Parsons on the importance of forgiveness but I think that discussing the generality of Christian forgiveness in the context of abuse might be unhelpful to those affected so I will say no more than that I disagree.