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Opinion – 11 November 2020

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David Brown Surviving Church Leaven. Challenging the Power of Culture in our Church

Brian Castle Church Times Comment: What the Government fails to grasp about public worship
“Theresa May was right to draw attention to the sinister precedent that the lockdown ban on gathering for services sets”

Ian Paul Psephizo Should church buildings close during lockdowns?

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Bernard Silverman
Bernard Silverman
3 years ago

Ian Paul asserts: “The average age of death with Covid-19 is 83; the normal average life expectancy in the UK is 82, so the pandemic is not, overall, shortening life.” Reader be warned: this is an incorrect statement. On the reasonable assumption, at least a few months ago, that the probability of dying if you catch the disease follows your chance of dying from any (other) case in the next year,  the average victim loses about 10 years of life if they die. I’ve posted the reason in the comments on Ian’s article. And in addition anyone who is seriously… Read more »

Father David
3 years ago

As many “church crawlers” know to their cost – far too many churches are locked during normal times – let alone in times of pandemic lockdown. What message does a barred church door give out to those wishing to see the glories within? Or to those wishing to worship or to pray?

Will Richards
Will Richards
3 years ago

Ian Paul’s reductionist approach to Christianity, coupled to his innate conviction that the 16th Century Reformation remains unfinished, is well documented. Nothing in his piece should surprise anyone familiar with his theological and ecclesiastical agenda. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have interesting things to say; but the extent to which he reflects a broad consensus outside his particular Evangelical bubble is a moot point.

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