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Opinion – 12 October 2019

Ian Blair ViaMedia.News On Brexit, Becket and Signs of the Times

Janet Fife Surviving Church The Gospel, Victims and Common Worship pt 2

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Crowd Psychology and the Church

Archdruid Eileen The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley The Mathematics and Psychology of the Peace

Jayne Ozanne ViaMedia.News Identity Depression & the Church’s Culpability

Felicity Cooke and Lizzie Taylor WATCH Trust and Transparency: Essentials for Mutual Flourishing

Loretta Minghella gave this talk (a 31 minute audio) at the WATCH AGM earlier this month.

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David Runcorn
David Runcorn
4 years ago

Felicity Cooke and Lizzie Taylor’s piece on mutual flourishing is an important reminder that we still have some way as a church before we can truly be said to be honouring women alongside and men in full partnership. There is nothing that is mutual or honouring in the widespread concealment of views on the ministry of women. They are right to call it out.

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