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Opinion – 13 April 2022

Grace Davie ViaMedia.News In Search of the ‘Optimal’

Vicky Brett ViaMedia.News Is the Conversion Therapy Ban a Muddle? A Response to Angela Tilby
[This refers to this Church Times article.]

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Susannah Clark
2 years ago

I agree with Vicky Brett that young people who want to explore their gender identity should be afforded: Time. Safe Space. Kindness. Respect. Speaking as a nurse who was visited by 4 girls and 1 boy exploring their gender/identity in my treatment room, I knew that professionally it was not my place to push them in any direction, but to liaise with school staff to make sure they were afforded respect, the pronouns and presentation of their choice, and to make sure peers were encouraged to be respectful too. Personally I suspect only 1 or 2 of those 5 young… Read more »

Reply to  Susannah Clark
2 years ago

So many sermons about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. So missing the point. The true sacrifice was incarnation in a cruel, human world. Knowing what it was like, how could He bear to bring Himself to do it. How much He must love us. How much God must love us. I cry reading articles like Angela Tilby’s. I cry reading the news. Even with a blunt, selfish human psyche, the pain in this world is almost intolerable. How does God bear it? How can any Christian want to keep pain in the world? That’s what conversion therapy is.… Read more »

Susannah Clark
Reply to  Kate
2 years ago

When I was in a state of deepest distress and despair, I was urged to seek help from a Christian ‘reparative counselling’ so-called (self-described) expert for trans people. The Christians who told me ‘at least to try it’, and who believed in sincerity I was committing sin against God, did so with their own understanding of the right thing to do. It would have been catastrophic for me. I would also have missed out on all the happiness, psychological ease, and opening up to God, which followed my transition. I haven’t read Angela’s article and I’m therefore not commenting on… Read more »

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