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Opinion – 13 February 2019

Kimberly Knowle-Zeller The Episcopal Café Noticing Every Day

David Walker ViaMedia.News A Special Place in Hell….and the Road to Heaven

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Revisiting Institutional Narcissism

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Father Ron Smith
5 years ago

Having been a Franciscan myself, I can truly empathise with Bishop David Walker’s tendency to a disorganised unity, rather than – say – principled divisiveness. His sentence here sums it up for me:

“The life long Christian process of sanctification is about rejecting that road to Hell and instead; finding our belonging, our true identity, through the intimacy of membership in the Body of Christ. That is the road to Heaven.”

I have long thought of Hell as a place of principled separation from other people who may be different from ourselves.

Scott Wesley
Scott Wesley
5 years ago

I must say the piece on Institutional Narcissism feels very relevant – I say that as an American living in the shadow of a very big narcissist. A collection of Jungian-based essays on NPD was published shortly after the election. One of the essays noted that while we think of Narcissists as unhealthy, that there is in fact a healthy type of Narcissist. It also noted that those with deep ego wounds will seek out Narcissists because it feels safe and comfortable. Which makes church all the more complicated as many with deep ego wounds will be drawn to church,… Read more »

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