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Opinion – 13 May 2020

Trevor Thurston-Smith The Pensive Pilgrim A Post-Covid CofE : Better than ‘Songs of Praise’ Repeats?

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of being invigorated & tired by church

Tina Beardsley ViaMedia.News We Can’t Go Back…But We Can Say Sorry

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Toxic Power of Secrets in the Church

Rachel Mann Where do we go from here? Towards An Unknown Church … Part Two – REST

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Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis

The Tina Beardsley article is timely given the ‘hot under the collar’ vibe of recent TA threads. One wonders how first steps toward reconciliation might work, if at all, on a blog site? Crises like Covid amplify existential anxiety and exacerbate fault lines. I’ve attached a link from LaCroix re: polarization in the church. It is a Catholic perspective relevant to Anglicanism. “Catholics have gotten used to this picture of a polarized Church … It has been amplified by the virtualization of Catholicism – that is, the creation of religious identities in cyberspace.” Perhaps online forums can only contribute to… Read more »

andy gr
andy gr

Thank you for this set of articles, which to my mind are constructive and helpful. I particularly liked Rachel Mann’s call for “an honest, almost ruthless letting-go of the vestiges of the ‘we do everything’ Parish Church model,” without which there is no sane way forward.