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Opinion – 14 July 2018

Rachael Phillips Diocese of Durham Rachael Investigates: Anglo-Catholic Evangelism Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love The Bishops and LGBTI Anglicans – GS 2055 and GS Misc 1158 – time for action

Meg Warner ViaMedia.News Episcopally Led and Synodically Managed

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Speaking of stewardship (and investment)

Rachel Mann In Praise of Synod…

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Anglican Bishops and the Post-Singleton Church

Linda Ryan The Episcopal Café Spem in Alium

Anne Stevens Women and the Church Pushing and pulling at the sticky door
[This refers to this Royal Society video: Understanding Unconscious Bias]

Christina Rees The Guardian Back to the future: that’s where the Church of England must dare to go

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5 years ago

Rachael Phillips says that she has seen “many” service bulletins, but never an alb. Never a lace alb or never a biretta, maybe. But NEVER an alb? The CofE in all its diverse churchmanship must also be very segregated!

5 years ago

I was interested in what Colin said and unsurprised that a grass roots rebellion is brewing.

Quite apart from the concerns regarding the Teaching Document, when people are suffering making them wait 3 years is not Christian. Some temporary measure should have been introduced.

Ann Reddecliffe
5 years ago

I have been thinking a lot about Colin Coward’s blog. He is right. Anger is building, not just online, but in congregations. It is the same anger that was felt over GS2055, but with the additional matter of feeling let down by the promises made after that vote. The anger is also fuelled by the growing chasm between the way LGBTI+ people are treated in British society, where equality and diversity are valued, and the church which seems to be trying to force everyone to conform to rigid binaries. Why should we put up with the bad theology and misuse… Read more »

5 years ago

Anne Stevens’s piece on the Edmonton Area is very welcome and timely. As she points out, Edmonton was for many years a no-go area for women clergy. Happily this has now begun to change. As a PCC member in an Edmonton parish, several years ago, I was involved in drawing up a parish profile when we were seeking a new incumbent. As someone known to be a supporter of women’s ordination (and open to the possibility of appointing a female incumbent), I was subjected to a campaign of harassment and intimidation from other PCC members, culminating in a physical assault… Read more »

5 years ago

Notable in Colin Coward’s post: “There are twelve lesbian, gay and bisexual bishops in the College of Bishops.“

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