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Opinion – 18 December 2019

Some Christmas Messages posted by the Anglican Communion News Service

Archbishop Philip Freier, Primate of Australia
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry [also available here]
Archbishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing, Archbishop of the Province of South East Asia

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Christians pulled in two directions – reconciling opposites.

Archdruid Eileen The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley Needing a Wee on the First Day of the Week

Jayne Ozanne Viamedia.News A Tale of Two Kitties

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Susannah Clark
4 years ago

Michael Curry is simply wonderful. The light does indeed shine on in the darkness. In the darkest time, God longs to come, and be present, in our lives. Two days from the winter solstice, we look to this God, and the nativity of the God-Child. The light shines on in the darkness – the great compassion and love and givenness of God. May Christ come and be present in our hearts this season of nativity. May God grant us grace and loving kindness, comfort and solace. We are known. We are understood. We are loved and deeply treasured. In the… Read more »

Ann Reddecliffe
4 years ago

Interesting to read Jayne Ozanne and Stephen Parsons, both using animals to discuss disagreements in the church. I must admit that I am more taken with Jayne’s image of the kittens having a squabble and then at the end of the day lying down together as brothers. It is a way of thinking that the church could benefit from.

Rowland Wateridge
Rowland Wateridge
4 years ago

Away from the whimsical world of Husborne Crawley, can I commend to TA readers Archdruid Eileen’s offering today: an inspirational piece about the Incarnation “God enters the God-made World”.

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