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Opinion – 2 November 2022

Updated to add Graham article

Martin Sewell Surviving Church “The sky is black with chickens coming home to roost”

Martin Barnes The Observer Let there be light: England’s Anglican cathedrals at dawn
“The late Magnum photographer Peter Marlow was granted the rare opportunity to capture 42 places of worship in the early hours, the results of which are now collected in an exhibition and book”

Nathanael Hayler ViaMedia.News Faith and Generosity in the Church: The Via Media, or Transphobia?

Graham Surviving Church A ‘Reflective Exercise’ on Proposed Change to Reviews

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Susannah Clark
1 year ago

As a trans woman I am always grateful for Christian trans guys willing to speak about their lives, experiences, and vision for the Church. I can only write from the femme side of trans experience, so it is good to hear the similar but different experiences and viewpoints of trans people on the masculine or non-binary or otherwise diverse pathways. Thank you, Nathanael. Like you, I hope that Christian by Christian, and Church by Church, we may see understanding of trans experience transformed. Personal encounter with a trans person is often a powerful help to this understanding. At the same… Read more »

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