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Opinion – 21 July 2021

Kevin ScullyLimiting factors? How did we get there?

Charlotte Gauthier All Things Lawful And Honest Set God’s People Free

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love ‘We’ve made our decision’: the Church of England and trans people

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2 years ago

I am grateful to Colin and Tina for their ongoing efforts.
They missed one thing which may be relevant. S9(2) of the Gender Recognition Act says
Subsection (1) does not affect things done, or events occurring, before the certificate is issued; but it does operate for the interpretation of enactments passed, and instruments and other documents made, before the certificate is issued (as well as those passed or made afterwards). (emphasis added)
That means legally my baptismal and confirmation records are to be interpreted as female and Kate. The Church of England doesn’t have an exemption other than for marriage.

Susannah Clark
2 years ago

Tina Beardsley’s letter, published on Colin’s blog, is very good: coherent and requiring a response. To further problematise a group of people who – as demonstrated in her letter – the Church of England claims to affirm is, frankly, very hard to understand. The reality is that there are some Christians who do not, in conscience, believe that gender transition is the will of God. Now it may be that the further attention to trans issues is about how to practically enable exemptions for a dissenting priest over a trans person getting married in that priest’s church, and other pastoral… Read more »

Savi Hensman
Savi Hensman
2 years ago

Three excellent, thought-provoking pieces: I hope church leaders listen but, meanwhile, much on which to reflect.

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