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Opinion – 21 May 2022

Kat Campion-Spall ViaMedia.News When is a Week not a Week?

Philip Jones Ecclesiastical Law A Decade of the Faculty Jurisdiction

Fergus Butler-Gallie Church Times My worship alongside a sexified fox
“Churches are toying with virtual-reality worship. Fergus Butler-Gallie tries it”

Ruth Harley ViaMedia.News Clericalist Individualism? Power, Abuse and Transformation

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Susannah Clark
1 year ago

Ruth’s comments on structure and hierarchy, and how feminist critique and methodology may help view authority and power differently, resonate and merit serious reflection. They seem to me to echo Elizabeth Johnson in her book ‘She Who Is’: The words of women doing feminist theology sound from the margins of the dominant androcentric tradition. From the perspective of those in the centre – who largely adhere to a status quo which endorses their own assumptions and power base – the margins can be a place of systematic devaluing. Being out on the margins signifies to many somehow being less… being… Read more »

1 year ago

Fergus B-G’s article is hilarious. Thank you. Certainly brightened my day.

Rowland Wateridge
Rowland Wateridge
1 year ago

I couldn’t help wondering while reading Ecclesiastical Law “A Decade of the Faculty Jurisdiction” by Philip Jones whether it was leading up to a reference to the case of the Rustat Memorial at Jesus College, Cambridge – so vigorously debated recently both here on TA and other blogs and in the press – and indeed it did. The concluding paragraph could be seen as a rebuke to the Archbishop of Canterbury (and others) for impugning the Chancellor’s judgment and independence: “The faculty jurisdiction now faces a new and greater test of necessity – of the protection of ecclesiastical heritage from abuse, which… Read more »

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