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Opinion – 22 May 2021

Tina Beardsley Unadulterated Love Living in Love & Faith (LLF) to reconsider gender identity and transition

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Further developments in the John Smyth Case

ViaMedia.News Peter’s Story – Conditioning Causes Shame & Self-Hatred
by Peter (a pseudonym), a survivor of conversion therapy

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Fr. Dean Henley
Fr. Dean Henley
3 years ago

From Stephen Parsons’s article it seems unlikely that anyone complicit in covering up for Smyth will face accountability or justice in this life at least. Their allegiance to their tribe is stronger than their duty to the weak and vulnerable. If the con evo constituency is so wedded to the person of Christ that they read of in the Gospel, how can they put power before the needs of Smyth’s survivors?

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