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Opinion – 23 March 2024

Bosco Peters Liturgy Who Distributes Communion?

Anon ViaMedia.News Mini-MBA Talent Pipeline Group, Module Seven: Managing Synods

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Lottie E Allen
26 days ago

We may never know the identity of “Anon”. It doesn’t matter. They are to be thanked, unreservedly, for the brilliant take down that is the gridlocked, top heavy, and increasingly obsolete governance arrangements.

Rowland Wateridge
Rowland Wateridge
Reply to  Lottie E Allen
25 days ago

There’s a possible hint about Anon’s identity over on ‘Surviving Church’ (a surprising place, possibly, to find this) where there are currently in similar style six episodes of “Lambeth Palace FC”. Episode 1 was introduced as being by ‘Nick Craven, Via-Media Sports Correspondent’.

Lottie E Allen
Reply to  Rowland Wateridge
25 days ago

Thank you. That piece would be funny but it’s true. Yes I see the comparison.

Actually I don’t think we need to know “Anon”‘s identify. We simply applaud their wit and accuracy. They are bringing a measure of sanity in their eloquent satire.

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