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Opinion – 23 September 2020

David Ison ViaMedia.News One for All and All for One?

Barry Orford All Things Lawful And Honest Holy Useful
“Barry Orford replies to an earlier article … by Angela Tilby. He shares many of her concerns about theological formation.”
Thomas Plant All Things Lawful And Honest Deschooling Theology
“In a further contribution to debate on the future of theological formation, Tom Plant argues for the maximum possible decentralisation of ministerial education.”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Anger that Challenges Injustice

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Fr John Harris-White
Fr John Harris-White
3 years ago

Barry, Thank you for your thoughts. I feel very fortunate to have been trained for the Priesthood many moons ago.. Being Priested in 1962. I trained at St Aiden’s theological college, with a mixture of folk. Those who prayed for me, and those of us who prayed Compline. We all daily prayed the offices in the college chapel. Our tutors taught us our theology, and biblical studies, together with intensive pastoralia in the parishes of Liverpool, and the Wirral. Debate was vigorous, and living in community we learned to live with our differences, and each other. I very much valued… Read more »

Charles Read
Charles Read
3 years ago

Common Awards provides what Barry asks for – an academic programme shaped by the church’s needs. Durham university has been very supportive and helpful in establishing this with a real sense of wanting to facilitate what is being requested.

3 years ago

Why can’t the archbishops’ communications, and those from the House of Bishops, be like David Ison’s piece in Via Media?

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