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Opinion – 24 September 2022

Anonymous Surviving Church Safeguarding: Remembering Another Anniversary

Fiona Jack ViaMedia.News Getting Hot under the Collar about Sex

Jeremy Pemberton From the Choir Stalls An anniversary, and some weddings and funerals

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Fr Dean
Fr Dean
1 year ago

The silly CofE can’t see that by punishing Jeremy Pemberton and Mpho Tutu van Furth it is engaged in an ouroboros manoeuvre. Bishop David Jenkins would have saved the day with a PtO but of course there is no one of his calibre anymore. Archbishop Welby has centralised everything to such an extent that the bishops are an homogeneous bunch with no va va voom.

Reply to  Fr Dean
1 year ago

I don’t know if things have changed during my lifetime or if it is just that my eyes have been opened, but it feels as though the Church of England has become increasingly bureaucratic and less human.

Susannah Clark
1 year ago

Thank you, Jeremy Pemberton: for all the years of your ministry, not least your ministry to the sick; and as an example of decency. I am really sorry for what your love for your husband has cost, and cost you both, because isn’t love the heart of our calling? Love of God, and love for our neighbour, our husband or wife, the people who are sick or poor or lonely or troubled. It is also so insulting to those of us in same-sex marriages… marriages that are covenants of commitment, givenness, sacrifice, care, intimacy, laughter, tears, kindness… that someone like… Read more »

Dr John Wallace
Dr John Wallace
Reply to  Susannah Clark
1 year ago

Thank you, Jeremy and blessings on your relationship and ministry. I just so wish that the C of E would get over this obsession. It seems to me that you can deny every article in the Nicene Creed and be Ok but if you champion the rights of same sex couples as opposition to this has become the touchstone of the new orthodoxy, you are out! So scary and unChristian.

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