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Opinion – 25 August 2018

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Defending the Church from Scandal -Catholic and Anglican Approaches

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of depression, anxiety, lies and liturgy

Ruth Hunt gave this year’s Inclusive Church lecture last month. A transcript is now available: LGBT and Faith: Building Bridges in a Polarised World. There is also a video.

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Interested Observer
Interested Observer
5 years ago

Stephen Parsons’ article is excellent. It’s worth expanding on “A sexually active priest is, by definition, having to carry out his activities in secret”. Once you have a culture within an organisation by which a lot of people are “guilty” of transgressions against the organisation which the rest of society regards as at worst trivial, you have a very nasty risk of much worse things happening. Suppose the figure of 50% of Catholic priests being sexually active is true, or something like that. Those relationships will be mostly non-abusive, secret and potentially career-ending. The people having those relationship will mostly… Read more »

Katerina Lusy
5 years ago

Andrew Lightbown article is excellent. Depression talk interesting.

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