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Opinion – 26 May 2021

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Trans leaders ask Next Steps Group chair to ensure trans membership on new working group

Viamedia.News Annie’s Story – “I Did My Best to Conform, But…”
by Annie, a victim of abuse who found succour in the charismatic church – where she was subjected to even more abuse….

Laudable Practice What Anglicanism can learn from the Labour Party

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Father Ron Smith
2 years ago

May I recommend your readers look in on my website ‘kiwianglo’ to see the very latest Roman Catholic initiative by the Lijngaard Institute to alert the Vatican to new research into the authenticity of variation in the gender/sexuality field of studies. This has come about since the recent CDF outdated reiteration of the ‘sinful nature’ of homosexuality. (art. also available at ‘Inclusive Church’)

Last edited 2 years ago by Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
Reply to  Father Ron Smith
2 years ago

Sorry, my mistake. The initiative was by the ‘Wijngaards Insitutute’ for Catholic Research’. (Fr.Ron Smith) 

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