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Opinion – 26 September 2018

Stephen Parsons Surviving ChurcChurch Safeguarding and the Needs of Survivors
[This post refers to the document: Key Roles and Responsibilities of Church Office Holders and Bodies Practice Guidance.]

Giles Goddard ViaMedia.News Bishops – Please Show Us Your Workings

Richard Peers has published a series of four posts on mission on his blog Quodcumque – Serious Christianity.

(1): Mindfulness for Mission – there is no God Shaped Hole
(2): Learning for Mission – it’s all about memory
(3): Seriousness for Mission – the easier we make it the less attractive it is
(4): Morality for Mission: why people think the church is immoral

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Father Ron Smith
5 years ago

I very much appreciate Giles Goddard’s article. As an accredited Former Chair of the Human Sexuality Group on General Synod, he has a grasp on what will be needed for the bishops of the Church of England to come to terms with the reality of the presence of LGBTI+ people in the ranks of the clergy – whether acknowledged at this present time or not. Openness about our true identity as clergy-persons is an integral ingredient of trust within the family of the Body of Christ. Enforced secrecy about gender/sexual identity can be debilitating – not only for the lives… Read more »

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