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Opinion – 27 April 2019

Terence Chandra The Living Church We Can’t Just Rebuild

Richard Beck Experimental Theology Heresy as Therapy

Trevor Thurston-Smith The Pensive Pilgrim ‘Jesus the Loser : A Theology of Failure’

Church Times ‘The Bible is not a paper Pope’
Katharine Dell interviews her Ph.D. supervisor, John Barton, about the Church’s wrestling with scripture

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Anthony Archer
Anthony Archer
5 years ago

Dr. Katherine Dell’s review – actually an interview with the author – is excellent. On the strength of it I have just ordered a copy of A History of the Bible: The Book and its Faiths. Can’t wait to see the reviews of it by conservative evangelicals! Some scholarship. Reinforcement of Luther in places (what is authoritative in the Bible is ‘what promotes Christ’) and Hooker, who warned against claiming too much for the Bible. As Dell says: ‘Barton fears that the Church is not currently using the Bible very well. “It is either brought in to provide ‘proof texts’… Read more »

Tim Chesterton
Reply to  Anthony Archer
5 years ago

The quality of the teacher obviously shows itself in the student! I read Dr. Dell’s popular commentary on Job in the BRF ‘People’s Bible Commentary’ series and found it excellent.

Susannah Clark
Reply to  Anthony Archer
5 years ago

I’ve ordered a copy too. Thanks for the heads up.

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