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Opinion – 28 July 2018

Jonathan Clatworthy Château Clâteau New directions for the Church 9: break down the barriers

Michael Sadgrove Woolgathering in North East England Vicky’s Book

catholicity and covenant Time to reclaim the tippet from the neo-Puritans

Richard Nicholl Church Times More marketing is not the answer for the Church
“Social media has some surprising lessons for the C of E”

Mark Ashcroft St Chrysostom’s Church News and Views The agents of genuine renewal

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Ann Reddecliffe
Ann Reddecliffe
5 years ago

I commend Michael Sadgrove’s discussion of Vicky Beeching’s book. He has gone beyond merely reading the book, but lists his own examples of the abuse that she is receiving as a result of publishing this book. He shines a light on the issue of the abusive behaviour of some Christians and the effect of that on LGBTQ Christians. He understands the high price that she has had to pay for proclaiming the theological integrity of her journey. Numerous statements by church leadership, both national and communion wide, have committed the church to condemning homophobia and abuse. It would be good… Read more »

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