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Opinion – 29 July 2020

Andrew McKinnon University of Aberdeen Questioning the evidence for rapid growth of ‘orthodox’ Anglican churches in sub Saharan Africa
[A preprint of the original journal article is online here.]

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church The Clergy Discipline Measure – RIP?

Pam Bishop St Bride’s Liverpool The ‘New Normal’ in a Liverpool Anglican City Centre parish

John Gillibrand Ekklesia Equal marriage: time for full acceptance from all churches

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Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
3 years ago

I’m a bit surprised that there are no comments here. Maybe the argument made in the Ekklesia article is now so obvious to all but the most obstinate that it it needs no further comment. But the article questioning that rapid growth and numbers of ‘orthodox’ Anglican churches in sub Saharan Africa deserves a passing interest.   Does it show that for far too long Anglican leaders, and especially Archbishops of Canterbury have been in hoc to the dual notions that Sub Saharan Christianity is where the future of Anglicanism lies and that deference to its conservative teachings has to… Read more »

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