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Opinion – 3 August 2019

There are important pieces by Martin Sewell and Stephen Parsons about who has power in the Church of England; we have added links to them in the article Matt Ineson challenges the National Safeguarding Team.

Hannah Malcolm Church Times Brian Cox’s quest for meaning
The Planets posed some searching questions for Christians”

Tim Stratford Dean of Chester Helter Skelters, Crazy Golf and LEGO®

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Ann Reddecliffe
4 years ago

Interesting article by Tim Stratford about how they are engaging with people at Chester Cathedral. He is right in saying that Cathedrals are situated in High Streets and so must use the language of the High Street to engage with those around them. He is also linking the need to balance being a tourist attraction with being a place to challenge ideas and develop spiritually.
I wonder how many Cathedral deans (or bishops) would go into a tank of live sharks to help make their point?

4 years ago

When may we hope for a television programme which earns the review heading, “Christian theologians pose some challenging questions to Brian Cox and his like”? Perhaps the secularist controllers of TV would not permit that. But if the devil should not be allowed all the good tunes, why should we let him have all the broadcasting space? Why are those who have theological and scientific knowledge, which people like me do not, seemingly so reluctant to mount a public assault on the views represented by media figures like Cox? This issue is too important to be confined to the safety… Read more »

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