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Opinion – 3 November 2021

Helen King sharedconversations Handing on the baton? Part 2

Simon Butler ViaMedia.News General Synod: Once More Unto the Breach?

Pete Hobson Psephizo Who needs a Trade Union for Faith?

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Living in Love and Faith: A Guide for Members of General Synod
[This refers to GS Misc 1306 which can be downloaded here.]

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Should the Church be spending money on reputational management?

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Ann Reddecliffe
Ann Reddecliffe
2 years ago

An interesting selection of articles this week. Pete Hobson’s article is well argued and shows how important it is that clergy have access to independent support. He shows why the Church of England should embrace outside support structures. Helen King has done a great job showing the LLF process from the point of view of someone who was part of it. She articulates well what some of us are feeling about the LLF process, that somehow it seems to have lost sight of its purpose. How is this new decision to spend the next 16 months deciding on a ‘direction… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
2 years ago

One cannot help but support the view of Helen King in her thesis on journeying. There surely has to be a specific goal for L.i.L & F.; otherwise the journey is parapatetic – just going round and round with no tangible objective. The time for seemingly endless ‘conversations’ is surely over (apart from the consideration of the anti-LGBTQ+ people who may never really have ‘stopped to listen’ to the people whose lives are intimately involved in any outcome). There is a saying which might be most appropriate in this situation. It is this: “Justice delayed is justice denied” In the… Read more »

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