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Opinion – 31 August 2019

Rachel Mann Church Times We should embrace our oddness

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Traumatising Narcissism, Survivors and Sexual Abuse

Mark Vernon Christian Today William Blake: The Christian prophet determined to open our immortal eyes

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Susannah Clark
4 years ago

…which, of course, is also hugely apposite when it comes to reading the scriptures with openness to what God may be saying to us in new contexts too. We should not always be trying to recreate the text’s function in its original contexts (where those contexts were socially and culturally so different to ours and ceased to exist 2000 years ago) but trying to understand what lay behind the functional motives of the authors, to see how those motives might be applied in real-life contexts of our own today. What is wonderful, though, is how Blake’s vision and insight still… Read more »

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