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Opinion – 4 April 2020

Jonathan Gibbs The Church of England Blog from Lead Safeguarding Bishop

Bosco Peters Liturgy Spiritual Communion

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Looking to the Future. The Church after COVID-19

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of mission and finance in challenging times

Giles Goddard ViaMedia.News Into the Dark….

Church Times Interview: Brendan McCarthy, C of E medical adviser

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God 'elp us all
God 'elp us all
4 years ago

What a time. A time for fiddling while Canterbury and York burn? A time for some to seek leadership, ‘the smack of firm government’. I didn’t expect to be saying this- Where are our Bishops and Archbishops- writing Advice and Guidance and Updates and closing church buildings. Where is God? God sent a great flood, plagues, prophets … Jesus … floods, plagues … people weren’t listening then, and now … What is the CofE for? What are its priests for? To worry about church roofs, organs, bells, pews, rectories, stipends … It’s surely time to join with the poor, the… Read more »

4 years ago

I know all that most people are preoccupied with the coronavirus but I encourage everyone to read the safeguarding blog by Bishop Jonathan. It is pretty much spot on. We have become accustomed to bishops, and especially archbishops, saying things which sound good in soundbites but with no intention to carry through on their word. Justin is now infamous for his promise of “radical new Christian inclusion”. For what it is worth, however, I believe that Jonathan is 100% sincere. There will be forces of inertia arrayed across his path, I can only pray that he has the strength to… Read more »

Susannah Clark
4 years ago

Andrew: “I am simply suggesting that the local church, embedded in the local community, should listen to the community and its expectations of the church… Do we need to relinquish some of our faith in the generic and instead have a little more faith in the relational, incremental, authentically parochial, and emergent?” Well that makes a lot of sense, bearing in mind that society at large has walked with its feet because it doesn’t see the relevance of church. What does a local community actually expect from a church? What needs in the community do we need to hear about?… Read more »

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