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Opinion – 4 November 2020

Helen King sharedconversations Waiting for publication: the week before Living in Love and Faith

Elizabeth Adekunle Via Media.News Wise Leadership: Needed Now More Than Ever!

Marcus Walker The Spectator If anything is essential, it’s worship

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Ann Reddecliffe
7 months ago

Helen King’s article is very telling. It is good to hear the inside story of how things are progressing. Being a lay person in the process and an academic does give her an objective viewpoint on many of these issues.
I found her final four bullet points very telling.
I would also like to express my thanks to Helen for all the work she does.

Helen King
Helen King
Reply to  Ann Reddecliffe
7 months ago

Thank you very much, Ann; that’s much appreciated. I felt I had to accept the invitation and do what I could. But it’s been a long haul!

Father David
Father David
7 months ago

“If anything is essential, it’s worship” alas, not for the next month. Stuart Anderson M P asked a question at PMQs today about opening places of worship for services but was firmly told by the Prime Minister that wouldn’t be happening until December 2nd at the earliest. Such a shame and a great pity that worship won’t be able to take place in church on Advent Sunday which this year takes place on 29th November. What a sad way to start the beginning of a new Church Year.

David Lamming
David Lamming
Reply to  Father David
7 months ago

There was an indication during the 3-hours afternoon debate on the new lockdown regulations on 4 November that the Government may reconsider and allow places of worship to be used for communal worship before 2 December. Edward Leigh said this in his speech: “... when I intervened on the Prime Minister a couple of days ago, he assured me that this was only a temporary ban on religious services. He took the trouble to come up to me before this debate and say, “Edward, we’re going to get churches open.” I said, “When?” He said, “Soon.” I understand that contacts… Read more »

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