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Opinion – 4 November 2020

Helen King sharedconversations Waiting for publication: the week before Living in Love and Faith

Elizabeth Adekunle Via Media.News Wise Leadership: Needed Now More Than Ever!

Marcus Walker The Spectator If anything is essential, it’s worship

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Ann Reddecliffe
Ann Reddecliffe
10 months ago

Helen King’s article is very telling. It is good to hear the inside story of how things are progressing. Being a lay person in the process and an academic does give her an objective viewpoint on many of these issues.
I found her final four bullet points very telling.
I would also like to express my thanks to Helen for all the work she does.

Helen King
Helen King
Reply to  Ann Reddecliffe
10 months ago

Thank you very much, Ann; that’s much appreciated. I felt I had to accept the invitation and do what I could. But it’s been a long haul!

Father David
10 months ago

“If anything is essential, it’s worship” alas, not for the next month. Stuart Anderson M P asked a question at PMQs today about opening places of worship for services but was firmly told by the Prime Minister that wouldn’t be happening until December 2nd at the earliest. Such a shame and a great pity that worship won’t be able to take place in church on Advent Sunday which this year takes place on 29th November. What a sad way to start the beginning of a new Church Year.

David Lamming
David Lamming
Reply to  Father David
10 months ago

There was an indication during the 3-hours afternoon debate on the new lockdown regulations on 4 November that the Government may reconsider and allow places of worship to be used for communal worship before 2 December. Edward Leigh said this in his speech: “... when I intervened on the Prime Minister a couple of days ago, he assured me that this was only a temporary ban on religious services. He took the trouble to come up to me before this debate and say, “Edward, we’re going to get churches open.” I said, “When?” He said, “Soon.” I understand that contacts… Read more »

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