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Opinion – 7 July 2018

Trevor Thurston-Smith The Pensive Pilgrim Priesthood – An Unpredictable Journey

Daniel Hill Law & Religion UK The State and Marriage II: How would things look after the Cutting of the Connection?

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of blessing

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love
Traditional or Revisionist – LGBTI+ Anglicans and the Teaching Document – a history
The Government’s LGBT+ Action Plan and the Church of England’s systemic homophobia

Jeremy Morris ViaMedia.News Are We Truly a Church “Of the People”?

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes St Bride’s Liverpool Encouragement for churches: Four points on welcoming children by our Rector Miranda

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Revd Father John Harris-White
Revd Father John Harris-White
5 years ago

Andrew, Thank you for your thoughts. As a Priest it is your gift humbly to Bless those who seek a Blessing in genuine faith. So go ahead and Bless both your children, and their partners. Their lives have already been Blessed by God, you simply are expressing that Love in sacramental, and practical terms. It is only when we have God’s courage to step out of the chains that bind us by an unloving House of Bishops, that positive change will happen. God gave me my husband, after more than ten years as a widower. It was God in action,… Read more »

Richard Grand
Richard Grand
5 years ago

The Church of England seems so hidebound and so unable to move forward. Some of this is because of the rearguard conservatism inBritish society, some because of the pressure from conservative members of the Anglican Communion and part (probably the most significant) because of conservative groups within the Church of England itself-some are Anglo-Catholics, but mostly from the Conservative Evangelical wing, which seems to have a significant influence because they are a source of money and because they seem to threatening to “walk apart” (weasel words for “quit’). A sad situation.

Chris H.
Chris H.
Reply to  Richard Grand
5 years ago

If the only reason the CoE gives them space is for their money, then the CoE should follow it’s convictions, let them leave, and see who survives. The wisdom of Gamaliel would seem the best here.

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