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Opinion – 9 June 2021

Meg Munn Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel Safeguarding and the Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM)

Peter Leonard ViaMedia.News Trigger Warning!

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2 years ago

Those readers who are part of the LGBT spectrum but don’t think they have suffered from conversion therapy should read Peter Leonard’s piece – it might change your perspective.

Father Ron Smith
Reply to  Kate
2 years ago

A lovely reflection from Fr. Peter Leonard, drawing attention to what might be thought of as ‘well-meaning’ attempts to ‘correct’ the non-binary gender/sexuality status of anyone – let alone a believing Christian who is prone to ‘guilty thoughts’ about the veracity of their being different in this deeply personal area of their lives. The damage that can – and has been – done to those who wrestle with this problem, by those who believe that prayers or exorcism have a place in a person’s ‘conversion’ to the binary norm: when, in fact, research has shown that our gender/sexual make-up is… Read more »

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David Rowett
David Rowett
2 years ago

“Questions were asked regarding any proposals to improve the care and better manage the risks to women who are abused in a clergy marriage.” An oddly stereotypical formula, unless abuse is uniquely carried out by male clergy against their partners. In The World experience of domestic abuse is split roughly 65% female, 35% male – that is, that abused female partners outnumber their male equivalents by two to one, but that still leaves a lot of abused men around. Having encountered survivors of female on male domestic abuse, I have come to see that one of the hardest things for… Read more »

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