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Opinion – New Year’s Day 2020

Kate Bowler Washington Post We are not divine. But we are loved. That is enough.

Paul Bayes ViaMedia.News A ‘Low & Dishonest’ Decade?
The Guardian reports on this and other New Year messages.

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Stanley Monkhouse
4 years ago

It’s worth reflecting on Kate Bowler’s piece. For about a year following my son’s death four years ago at the age of 38 leaving wife and daughter, there was not a day went by without my uttering internally or externally the lament of King David at the death of Absalom. I would still willingly give my life – no question – to have him return. As a “repressed” Englishman it’s not my style to organise prayer vigils, or ask others to do so, though I’m pretty sure they did it individually. But my Davidic lament, about which I’ve made no… Read more »

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