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Updated census and deprivation stats now available

The Church of England has updated its census and deprivation data. The Research and Statistics unit has mapped government statistics onto parish boundaries to produce parish-level census and deprivation information. The data can be downloaded from here and the summary parish census and deprivation statistics can also be explored on the interactive Church of England parish maps.

The Unit publishes other statistical data which we normally note here as they are published. But we missed the Parish Finance Statistics 2017 [and the 2017 diocesan tables (excel)] which were published in June 2019.

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Michael Mulhern
Michael Mulhern
4 years ago

So, we have the stats. Is it too much to ask that the Church might dare to go into prophetic mode and actually ask why the situation the stats describes is the case in a supposedly modern, Western democracy? Or has the Central Secretariat of the National Church Institutions put a gag on this as well? Media images of Justin Welby in an apron, helping out a food bank is fine. But asking why iniquitous sums of money are being taken out of education, youth services, criminal justice and social care to bank-roll a no-deal Brexit is a definite ‘No,… Read more »

Tom James
Tom James
4 years ago

Fascinating to see that a post on poverty and deprivation has attracted one comment after five days. If it had been about sex or gender, how many more comments, I wonder?

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