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more comment on the Central Florida letter

The Bishop of Fort Worth and the President of the Standing Committee of that diocese welcomed the letter.

The Living Church reported that the Letter Doesn’t Sway Central Florida Parishes who were presumably the primary target.

One blogger I omitted previously was Tobias Haller who wrote Strange Advice and then followed up with States of Things.

George Conger reported on it for the Church of England Newspaper this way: Archbishop’s Letter Angers Liberals.

Andrew Carey wrote about it in his CEN column: New direction?

Cary McMullen asked in the Lakeland Ledger Has Bishop John Howe averted Schism?

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16 years ago

Around the place there is some confusion as to what “Windsor compliant” means, which to Anglican Mainstream implies belief in Lambeth 1:10 and some discussion after Andrew Carey’s article if a belief element in communion is discussed at all. The answer is no – as I understand it, Windsor compliance means the process, that which leads to a Covenant, itself being process based. In the end there must be some belief element, but only on the basis for Rowan Williams whether the communion is moving together or not (his view of centralisation once past the bishop and diocese). But as… Read more »

16 years ago

I’ve added more to all of this here, with reference to three orders and two, and between a belief-fellowship approach and a bishop-unity approach, and how it goes on to relate to other denominations:

The cartoon, by the way, is of Elizabeth Stuart, Archbishop of the Province of Britain and Ireland of the Liberal Catholic Church International, and Professor of Theology at the University of Winchester (she specialises in queer theology).

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