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Lambeth: more American perspectives

The Bishop of Washington has some critical comments: The Lambeth Conference: The turning point that wasn’t.

The bishops of the Diocese of Dallas liked it a lot: Lambeth: Interview with the bishops.

The Presiding Bishop listened: Hearing the call.

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

I’m surprised that so far no-one appears to have wanted to comment on the revelations posted here from the American Church on perceptions from the Lambeth 2008 Conference. It would appear that the polarity between Dallas and the Washington Dioceses might reflect the struggle going on between the ‘Covenanters’ of TEC and those who feel, in all conscience, that the issue of the acceptance of gays in the Church is much to important to be left to a later time – when the moratoria might be lifted. I really wonder whether those who want to run with the idea of… Read more »

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