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three dioceses learning together

The Living Church ran an article at the beginning of last week which reported Trio of Bishops Seek to Strengthen Communion Ties.

The initial meeting between Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves of the Diocese of El Camino Real and Bishop Michael Perham of Gloucester, England, at the 2008 Lambeth Conference was an auspicious one. When a protester jumped up and called Bishop Gray-Reeves “a whore of the church,” Bishop Perham stepped in to help his new American acquaintance around the protesters and on to safety.

This frightening encounter brought together two parts of what has become a trio of bishops — the third is Bishop Gerard Mpango of the Western Tanganyika Diocese in Tanzania — who have linked up as companion dioceses. The combination of American, British and African dioceses is intentional. The three locations encompass three regions of discontent in the Anglican Communion. By meeting, talking and working together, the three bishops hope to show that people of different cultures, and these three cultures in particular, can maintain civil relations and look for answers to divisive issues…

A week later, ENS has also published an article on the same topic, EL CAMINO REAL: Visit from African, English bishops deepens partnerships.

Three bishops who met by chance during last year’s Lambeth Conference spent a week in California recently, planning very intentional, international ministry together.

At first glance their dioceses — Western Tanganyika, Tanzania; Gloucester, England; and El Camino Real, California — couldn’t have seemed more different.

And then each decided to take a closer look.

“We have more in common than might first appear,” said Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves of El Camino Real, who hosted Bishop Gerard Mpango of Western Tanganyika and Bishop Michael Perham of Gloucester September 20-25 in the Central California diocese…

You can find reports and pictures of the most recent event over here.

Diocese of Gloucester and read more about their international links here

Diocese of El Camino Real and their companion dioceses page

Diocese of Western Tanganyika (This is a page from the Tanzania provincial website, no diocesan website yet.)


  • Davis d'Ambly says:

    “Behold what a good thing it is…”

  • Davis d'Ambly says:

    “Behold what a good thing it is…”

  • bobinwashpa says:

    Keep jumping up and name calling. It that’s what it takes to get people talking and building relationships please jump up more often. Wonderful news.

  • Father Ron Smith says:

    What a lovely example of what can be done by the exercise of charity and obedience to the Law of Christ. A wonderful example of tolerance by these 3 bishops in the Anglican Communion. We need more of this sort of willingness to meet, discuss and worship together. This is God’s answer to schism.

  • Lou Poulain says:

    I am a member of El Camino Real. We are a geographically and culturally diverse diocese. The dynamics of the Companion Diocese relationships are very reflective of Bishop Mary and the gifts she has brought to our diocese. I am very grateful for her presence here.

  • BillyD says:

    Who were the protesters, and what did they have against Bishop Gray-Reeves?

  • Davis d'Ambly says:

    Billy, sometimes it’s better not to know these things.

  • Davis d'Ambly says:

    Billy, sometimes it’s better not to know these things.

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