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Los Angeles – Thursday report

PBS has Bishop Jon Bruno: “No Barriers” for Gay and Lesbian Episcopalians.

There is a Southern California Public Radio interview at The highest stained glass ceiling.

Ruth Gledhill has Canon Mary Glasspool: time for Church to open door to rights for gays in The Times and Lesbian bishop pledges gracious non-restraint on her blog.

On the other hand, there is this editorial in the Living Church Think, and Act, Globally.

And this Statement from the Communion Partners Clergy Steering Committee on the Bishop-Suffragan Election in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

And also A Statement by the Bishop of Texas on recent Anglican Events.

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Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“As bishop of the Diocese of Texas I will continue to honour the request of my brother and sister bishops across our province and the Communion, and the leadership of the Archbsihop of Canterbury, and will not consent to the Rev. Glasspool’s election. “While I will not vote to consent to this election, I am unified with others throughout the Anglican Communion around the issues of safe-guarding human rights everywhere” – Statement by Andrew Boyle, Bp of Texas – via Kendall Harmon – ‘Titus-on-line’ Another Kendall Harmon ‘scoop’ – treminds us of the double-mindedness of some of the Bishops of… Read more »

Rev L Roberts
Rev L Roberts
14 years ago

I see that the Irish Evangelicals support Civil Partnerships being introduced.

14 years ago

“The Bishop of Texas ought to be aware of the fact that TEC is not tied by umbilical connection to any other Province of the Anglican Communion.” Oh, I don’t think that’s really the point here. As you might expect from an entity with its name, the Diocese of Texas is pretty conservative when it comes to matters of — well, when it comes to just about everything. The mention of the other bishops across the Communion was just rhetoric on the part of Bishop Boyle: if those same bishops were on their knees begging him to consent to the… Read more »

Fr John E. Harris-White
Fr John E. Harris-White
14 years ago

Again my brother Fr Ron has put matters clearly, and as we read and get to know Mary, it is obvious that her appointment is of the Holy Spirit. Like a call to the priesthood, the Hound of Heaven will eventually have his way. Pray dear Lord it may be now.

Fr John

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