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ACNA – some more stuff

Today’s Church Times carries a news report by Pat Ashworth Accuracy of briefing paper on ACNA challenged.

This mentions a press release from the American Anglican Council, which you can see here: AAC Tracks Episcopal Church’s Canonical Abuse – Plight of Orthodox Anglicans.

This article from almost a year ago may be useful: 16 February 2009 ACNA publishes statistics.

And there is this one from earlier, 12 December 2008 ACNA: 700 congregations?

Also, 12 December, revised 19 December 2008: church press covers ACNA

And there are other articles from last year:

April: ACNA does not expect recognition

May: ACNA appeals for $700K

June: more about ACNA

July: General Synod: Questions about ACNA and ACNA and FCA

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John B. Chilton
14 years ago

From Ashworth’s Church Times article: “But Synod members in the UK were also due to receive this week a note from within the Episcopal Church.”

Revd L Roberts
Revd L Roberts
14 years ago

It strikes me as such a shame that ACNA does not take a name in which the final letter would be ‘E’ for Episcopalian.

Am I too, too wicked ?

14 years ago

ACNE: Anglican Church (Not Episcopalian).

14 years ago

The wording of the AAC press release is careful: “The Synod is expected to vote on THE NATURE of its communion with the ACNA next week.” (capitals added by me for emphasis)

This reflects a concern by them that Lorna Ashworth’s motion actually does more harm than good by making it explicit that, at the moment, the Church of England is NOT in communion with ACNA.

14 years ago

badman, along those lines: A comment on TitusOneNine makes the claim that the Church of [sic] Ireland is already in communion with ACNA. Does anyone else have information on this?

Simon Sarmiento
14 years ago

I see that comment Charlotte, and I do not have the slightest idea what it can be based upon. I think it is a mistake.
But Church of Ireland is the correct name for that province.

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