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more responses to Williams and Kearon

Doug LeBlanc has reported at the Living Church that the Letter Affects Five Episcopal Leaders.

Earlier he had written Archbishop’s Letter Could Affect 30 Leaders.

The Living Church also published an editorial, An Invitation to Grow Up.

At Episcopal Café John Chilton wrote Disinvitations raise constitutional questions.

Also Jim Naughton wrote The incredible shrinking Archbishop of Canterbury.

Mark Harris wrote What makes The Episcopal Church so “Special” in the Archbishop’s eyes?

Adrian Worsfold at Pluralist Speaks has written Someone Should Remove Williams.

And he also published Rounding Up: The Opposition Grows.

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Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“What is murky is (any) basis for the authority to appoint persons to ecumenical commissions and the like. Is there a written procedure and how was it adopted? If so, what does it say about telling persons to stand down? Is there a precedent for disinvitation? – John Chilton. ‘Episcopal Cafe’ – This does seem to cast some doubt on the Canon Kearon directive, which ‘disinvites’ TEC from the ecumenical meetings on behalf of the Communion. Was the Archbishop of Canterbury the defining authority on this action? Or is there some clearly defined procedure in the Communion for such a… Read more »

13 years ago

A lawsuit would be delicious

It would also be well-deserved.

Lawless behavior calls for a lawful response.

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