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More about the Episcopal Church decisions on equal marriage

British mainstream news coverage of this story is slight:

Christian Today has this report by Ruth Gledhill Episcopal Church confirms change in law to allow same-sex marriages. And here is her earlier report on Justin Welby’s earlier statement.

George Conger has the rollcall of the House of Bishops in their voting on the marriage canon.

Criticism of the decision from conservatives has begun to appear:

The Covenant blog of The Living Church carries another very detailed article, this time by Zachary Guiliano titled The substance of the argument. Like the Hylden article before it, this is well worth reading.

On the other side of this debate, there is an article at Huffington Post by Susan Russell ‘We Do!’ — Episcopalians OK Marriage for Same-Sex Couples.

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Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark
8 years ago

It boggles me that those who voted no haven’t yet left for ACNA.

Davis Mac-Iyalla
Davis Mac-Iyalla
8 years ago

The Global South Bishops said ” We are against any criminalization of homosexuals, they are like all of us, need God’s mercy, grace and salvation.” I am trying to reconcile the Global South Bishops’ statements with that of the Church of Nigeria ” The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) as a Province is a founding member of GAFCON/FCA, and subscribed to The Jerusalem Declaration, 2008. The Most Rev’d Josiah Idowu-Fearon’s statement: ‘I have never supported the law in Nigeria that criminalizes the gay community and I will never support it,’ clearly indicates that he is not in accord with the… Read more »

8 years ago

Amen, Davis. The first order of business is to stop the persecution.

GAFCON is hard to take seriously as a religious movement when it tolerates, condones, perhaps even supports human rights abuses.

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