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ACC-17, Lambeth 2020, and GAFCON: further reports and comment

Continued from here and from here too.

The Church Times has

The Episcopal News Service has

The Anglican Communion News Service has:

From a different perspective, there is:

And more links from the GAFCON viewpoint can be found here.


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Susannah Clark
5 years ago

I followed the links you gave here to a video called ‘The heart of GAFCON and the future of the Anglican Church’. I guess the first thing to mention is that there is not a worldwide ‘Anglican Church’. There is a Communion of Provincial Churches. It’s not a Church, it’s a Communion. Each provincial Church operates with degrees of autonomy, and we see that, for example, in the way GAFCON provincial leaders repudiate leadership in the Church of England. Similarly, we see that autonomy in the Episcopal Church in the USA, or the Scottish Episcopal Church, deciding that in conscience… Read more »

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