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ACC reports – Tuesday evening

The full text of his sermon last Sunday is available, together with an audio recording, on the website of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

ENS and Anglican Journal each report on today’s events:

Williams calls for more cohesive, theologically aware communion

Anglican body considers ‘relational consequences’ proposal for breaches of moratoria

Further material is also available:

Ruth Gledhill has Archbishop of Canterbury ‘Chaos and division’ in all around we see which includes, among other things, the text of the DRAFT resolution:


a) thanks the Archbishop of Canterbury for his report on the work and recommendations of the Windsor Continuation Group.

b) affirms the recommendations of the Windsor Continuation Group.

c) encourages the Archbishop of Canterbury to work with the Joint Standing Committee and Secretary General to carry forward the implementation of these recommendations as appropriate.

d) affirms the request of the Windsor Report (2004), adopted at the Primates’ Meetings (2005, 2007 and 2009) and supported at the Lambeth Conference (2008) for the implementation of the agreed moratoria on the Consecration of Bishops living in a same gender union, authorisation of public Rites of blessing for Same Sex unions and continued interventions in other Provinces, and urges gracious restraint in all these areas.

e) requests IASCUFO to undertake a study of the role and responsibilities of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Consultative Council and the Primates’ Meeting in the Communion, their ecclesiological rationale and the relationships between them in line with the recommendation of paragraph 76 of the WCG Report, and to report back to ACC-15.

Anglican Mainstream has The Archbishop of Canterbury’s presentation of the Windsor Continuation Group report.

Episcopal Café has drawn attention to a report from Canadian delegate Suzanne Lawson, concerning the draft resolution relating to the Covenant.

The resolution we’ve been asked to consider, prepared by the Joint Standing Committee, addresses my major concern with the draft Covenant, and that is that there is the provision that other “churches” (read, potentially, the break-away splinter group in Canada, or individual dioceses or parishes) can adopt the Covenant. The resolution asks that only the current member churches of the ACC be asked to consider and adopt the Covenant at this time. A wise insertion in the draft resolution…I hope it remains there to keep us together and not encouraging further splintering.


other ACC reports – Tuesday morning

ACC welcomed at opening Service at National Arena Kingston Jamaica

ACC-14 Press Briefing 4th May 2009

Changing Attitude Peace and Justice Commission will keep homosexuality on the agenda until justice prevails


more on the Ugandan nominee's rejection

The following official statement has been issued:
Statement from the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion.

That page has a link to the audio of the press conference.

There is also a PDF file containing all the correspondence.

Report from ENS Church of Uganda nominee denied participation in Anglican Consultative Council.

Report from Anglican Journal Uganda primate protests decision to disallow delegate to ACC.

Anglican Mainstream has this account from Chris Sugden Report from ACC-14 Day Three: The Anglican Communion Covenant and Uganda’s right to choose its delegate.

And there is a report from Uganda, Uganda People News: Orombi writes to Williams as row in the Anglican Church widens


ACC reports – Monday evening

Two reports on the Covenant, ENS has ACC asked to send covenant to provinces for approval and Anglican Journal has Non-approval of proposed covenant could ‘make or break’ Anglican Communion, warns design group chair.

There is a further unrelated Canadian report World economic crisis an opportunity to redirect priorities, says Anglican Environmental Network convenor.

Colin Coward has Covenant anxieties expressed in first ACC Plenary.

Anglican Mainstream has The Covenant: an introduction by Archbishop Drexel Gomez.


ACC rejects Ugandan nominee

The Church of Uganda has attempted to seat the Rev. J. Philip Ashey, Chief Operating Officer of the American Anglican Council, as its clerical representative to the Anglican Consultative Council Meeting in Jamaica.

The Joint Standing Committee of the Primates Meeting and the ACC has refused the request.

Read more details of the story at Episcopal Café.

The Living Church has a report, ACC Meeting Starts with Credentials Flap

The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meeting in Jamaica began May 2 under protest when the credentials of the Rev. Philip Ashey, the clergy representative designated by the Church of Uganda, were rejected by the Joint Standing Committee (JSC) of the primates and the ACC.

“The Joint Standing Committee has discussed this at length,” wrote the Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon, secretary general of the ACC in a letter dated April 30 and sent to the Most Rev. Henry Orombi, Archbishop of Uganda. “We understand that the Rev. Philip Ashey’s relationship with the Church of the Province of Uganda is as a result of a cross-provincial intervention, and note that such interventions are contrary to the Windsor Report and other reports accepted by successive meetings of the Instruments of Communion, including Primates’ Meetings you have attended.” Canon Kearon was to offer a statement on the credentials situation at the conclusion of a May 4 press briefing.

More links soon.


reports from the ACC – Monday

ACNS ACC-14 Opening Plenary

Anglican Journal ‘Worship: Jamaica-style’ reflects celebration and message of hope

Episcopal News Service In Jamaica, thousands attend Anglican Consultative Council Opening Eucharist

Robert Lundy and Chris Sugden of the American Anglican Council and Anglican Mainstream are jointly reporting on the meeting, see Report from ACC-14 Day One and Report from ACC-14: Day Two – Opening Festival Service.

So also is Colin Coward of Changing Attitude, see ACC Opening Service in the National Arena, Archbishop Rowan’s sermon at the ACC opening service, and also earlier reports, What do Jamaican Anglicans really think about homosexuality? and Anglican Consultative Council 14 – Kingston Jamaica.


reports from the ACC – Sunday

The Anglican Church of Canada has set up a news hub for reporting from the ACC.

The first official press briefing can be found at ACC-14 Press Briefing 2nd May 2009.

ENS has Members of Anglican Consultative Council prepare for meeting. More links to video coverage here.

The Canadian Anglican Journal has these reports so far:

Canadian Anglicans express high hopes for ACC meeting

ACC to decide whether draft covenant can now be sent to Anglican member churches for approval

Plenary ACC meeting opens


on the way to the ACC

Three articles published last week in the run-up to the ACC meeting:

Savitri Hensman Comment is free Gay people need justice in Jamaica

Graham Kings Fulcrum and also Church of England Newspaper Between the Primates’ Meeting and the ACC

Michael Nazir-Ali Church of England Newspaper via Religious Intelligence Is the much-debated Covenant fit for purpose?


Abp Jensen in Ireland

The Archbishop of Sydney has recently been in Ireland. The Church of Ireland Gazette has full coverage:

Archbishop of Sydney in rallying call to Church of Ireland evangelicals

and also has an editorial, ANGLICAN CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA.


opinion for the May Day weekend

Giles Fraser Church Times Why blogs can be bad for the soul

Theo Hobson Guardian: Comment is free Face to faith: Christians disillusioned with the churches should articulate an alternative

B P Dandelion Times Credo: Uncertainty speaks volumes in the sound of silence

Christopher Howse Telegraph Green men cut in church stonework


Anglican Consultative Council

The 14th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council opens today in Kingston Jamaica, although there is no business until tomorrow.

The official website of the world-wide Anglican Communion has these pages:

Daily Programme (copied below the fold for ease of reference)
List of Participants

There is also a News page. At present it only has

The Anglican Consultative Council, made up of lay people, clergy and bishops from the 38 Anglican Provinces of the Communion, meets in Kingston Jamaica May 1 – 13, to consider among other things, mission in the 21st century, the future structure of the worldwide Church, and theological education.

Also relevant are the Anglican Covenant papers.

The Anglican Church of Canada has set up a “a web hub with links to news and blogs that will be updated during the ACC meeting”.