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primates meeting: covenant draft

The covenant document is published and can be found at the Anglican Communion Office website:

ACNS Report of the Covenant Design Group and also

PDF download of report
PDF download of draft covenant text only

Another ACO copy of the document starts here.


primates meeting: communique on the way

From Anglican Mainstream and repeated at titusonenine:

The final press conference will be addressed by the Archbishops of Tanzania, Canterbury and Australia tonight at 18:45 Tanzania time (GMT 15:45). The Communique is five pages long and will be released with the covenant in time for the press conference. The Communique was presented as a unanimous report by the communique group which included Archbishops John Chew (South East Asia), Ian Ernest (Indian Ocean) and Drexel Gomez (West Indies). Drexel Gomez chaired the discussion of the Communique. The agenda has been completely changed today, the Lambeth Conference will be discussed this afternoon. Jim Rosenthal, the Director of Communications, expects the Primates to be working on the Communique till the last second. There will be a group photo of new Primates at 16:00 Tanzania Time. Jim Rosenthal also referred to the story in today’s Times about the Anglican Communion and Rome. He expressly said that the report was released a week and a half ago and was not leaked. He denied that there was anything new in it.

Times story link. ACNS has now published Clarifications regarding the front page article in The Times, 19 February 2007, on Anglican – Roman Catholic relations.
TA will report separately on this whole story after the Tanzanian meeting is over.

Ruth Gledhill has some hot news here:

…Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has been elected onto the all-important policy-making Standing Committee…


primates meeting: Monday morning

George Conger reports in the Living Church Divisions Remain as Deadline for Communique Approaches.

Jonathan Petre in the Daily Telegraph thinks Anglican Church on verge of schism.

The New York Times has Archbishop of Canterbury Appears to Chide Faction of Anglicans by Sharon LaFraniere.

The Times has a leader titled Bitter Fudge.

The video of the press conference on Saturday evening is now available here.

The full text of Sunday’s sermon in Zanzibar is now online at the Archbishop of Canterbury’s website.


primates meeting: Sunday afternoon

Updated Sunday evening

Reports of the service in Zanzibar:
Associated Press Elizabeth A Kennedy Anglican Leader Encourages Humility
Reuters Katie Nguyen Anglican head calls for humility in gay clergy row

There are some Associated Press pictures here.

The Bishop of Maryland has reacted to the boycott of Thursday with this letter to one of the participants. As Raspberry Rabbit says, he has done a Scott-Joynt.

Scott Gunn has blogged: Sunday: Akinola missed out and now has pictures here.

ENS has filed In Zanzibar, Anglican Primates join in repentance at former slave market.


columns roundup

Geoffrey Rowell wrote in Saturday’s edition of The Times that As we outlaw discrimination so we need discernment.

Christopher Howse wrote in the Telegraph on Saturday about liturgical language: Like, see what I’m praying?

Today, the Observer has a review by Rebecca Seal of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America (earlier review here).

Last week in the Church Times Njongonkulu Ndungane wrote about Why Anglicans must hold together.


primates meeting: radio reports

The BBC radio programme Sunday carries two reports from Tanzania by Trevor Barnes, the first one is at the start of the programme and lasts about 7 minutes. URL for this one here.

The second one starts 26 minutes into the programme and lasts about 6 minutes. URL for this one.

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primates meeting: Sunday morning


George Conger’s next report for the Living Church was Inside the ‘Ring of Steel,’ Primates Under Intense Pressure to Reach Agreement.

Episcopal News Service has Millennium Development Goals, theological education addressed by Primates and also In Tanzania, Carpenter’s Kids transforms AIDS orphans’ lives.

Changing Attitude had Report from the White Sands Hotel, Dar Es Salaam – Late night extra.

Andrew Goddard on behalf of the Anglican Communion Institute has analysed the Report of the Communion Sub-Group.

Press Conference notes for Saturday are here.

Updated Sunday midday

Latest Associated Press report: Anglican leaders in Zanzibar for Holy Eucharist as row over homosexuality threatens to fracture Anglican Communion.

Reports from the Anglican Church of Canada
The Primates: Moving to a more serious level and Primates’ Meeting: Talks take a turn by Paul Feheley


primates meeting: Saturday lunchtime

Stephen Bates in The Guardian Archbishop snubbed in gay bishop row

Jonathan Petre in The Telegraph Dr Williams will find little comfort

Telegraph leader Divided communion

Sharon LaFraniere and Laurie Goodstein in The New York Times Anglican Prelates Snub Head of U.S. Church Over Gay Issues

Changing Attitude Day 5 report from Colin Coward.

Scott Gunn blogs A quiet day here in Dar

Reuters South Africa has Anglican preacher undeterred by anti-gay hostility

ACNS Primates Meeting – Press briefing on 16 Feb 2007

Anglican TV has posted a video of yesterday’s press conference

Giles Fraser in today’s Face to Faith column in The Guardian Fissiparous evangelical Christians are now being reunited by hatred (probably written a few days ago)

IPP Media Anglican primates visiting Zanzibar tomorrow


primates meeting: Friday evening

Dave Walker has a comprehensive view of the entire event so far at The Primates Meeting.

Jonathan Petre has blogged again, see Reeling on the ropes.

The Living Church has filed Amid Lowered Tensions, Primates Review Draft Covenant by George Conger. He notes:

At the 2005 meeting in Northern Ireland, 14 primates declined to receive the Eucharist with Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold. In Dar es Salaam, the formerly recusant primates of the West Indies, Pakistan, Central Africa, Congo and Tanzania received with Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, as did the new primate of the Indian Ocean. The primate of Sudan, who in 2005 did not receive, is absent from Dar es Salaam. Two primates who arrived late to the meeting, representing the Philippines and Myanmar, were not present for the controversy.

Different times, circumstances and people prompted this change, one Global South leader noted, adding however that the resumption of eucharistic fellowship by some did not represent a relaxation of opprobrium for the actions of The Episcopal Church.

Episcopal News Service has filed two reports by Matthew Davies
Seven ‘Global South’ Primates refuse to share Holy Communion
Primates discuss Covenant, Listening Process; continue Windsor consideration

Anglican Journal has 7 conservative primates refuse to take communion with fellow leaders

Global South Anglican has published A Confused Report: Initial comments on the Communion Sub-group Report by Michael Poon.

titusonenine has published In Defense of Rowan Williams: An Alternative Explanation for the Infamous Gang of Four Committee Report by Craig Uffman.

Scott Gunn has two blog entries: It’s all a numbers game? and Friday — reflections on the day. And there are additional pictures here.

Caro Hall has more blog reflections here.

Tobias Haller has this to say.

Late addition: BBC Setback for Church conservatives should have been included here also.


reactions to the seven primates

Giles Fraser foresaw this event when he wrote his column published in today’s Church Times entitled Wormwood with the Primates:

Allow them to do our work for us. The fact that they won’t take communion together is a cracking start.

Jan Nunley has the scriptural context for the quotation used in the press release at Global South Seven refuse Eucharist. She also has this picture of Archbishop Akinola fending off the press.

As Jim Naughton notes this is less of a big deal than the last time, but the Associated Press wasn’t on hand for that.

According to Stephen Bates in the paperback edition of his book, fourteen refused to communicate at Dromantine:

Footnote 22 on page 319:
The following primates are understood to have declined to take Communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury: West Indies, Southern Cone, Pakistan, Uganda, Nigeria, Central Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, West Africa, Indian Ocean, South East Asia, Sudan.

Jim Naughton has some information to report relating to Drexel Gomez’s view on this.

George Conger has a report for the Living Church about what happened: Communion Broken, Says Global South:

News of the broken communion arose at an impromptu press briefing at 1:30 p.m., given by Canon James Rosenthal, director of communications for the Anglican Consultative Council. Canon Rosenthal said that some of the Global South primates had attended the corporate Eucharist that day, the first of the conference.

This followed a press chase of Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria shortly after the primates’ broke for lunch and worship. Dressed in mufti, Archbishop Akinola was spotted by reporters lounging in the lobby on the second floor of the White Sands Hotel, site of the conference.

As Archbishop Akinola descended the stairs, with a sheet of papers and file folders in his hand, a paparazzi frenzy began as photographers, reporters and television cameras descended upon the Nigerian church leader.

As questions were shouted at him, Archbishop Akinola responded “no comment” and placed his files in front of his face and began running back toward the “ring of steel,” the security cordon surrounding the primates’ section of the hotel.

Pursued by reporters including one clad in a bathing suit and towel, the archbishop made good his escape.

Later in the afternoon, taking a side route, Archbishop Akinola returned to the office and was closeted with the Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns, Bishop of the Convocation of Anglican Churches in North America. A press briefing by Bishop Minns is expected later.

Here is an earlier report by Scott Gunn and another report by Colin Coward.

Peter Ould has some notes again from today’s press briefing.

Ruth Gledhill has blogged about it: Communion broken in Dar es Salaam.

The Associated Press story is evolving, here is the latest version as of now: U.S. Anglican Leader Met With Boycott.


seven Global South primates refuse communion

The following statement has been released via the website of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

Statement from Global South Primates – This line has now been changed to read: Primates explain absence at Holy Eucharist

A number of the Global South Primates have not shared in the Holy Eucharist today with their fellow primates. They include Abp. Peter Akinola, Abp John Chew, Abp. Benjamin Nzimbi, Abp Justice Akrofi, Abp. Henry Orombi, Abp. Gregory Venables, and Abp. Emmanuel Kolini. They represent more than 30 million faithful Anglicans. They have released this statement:

“We each take the celebration of the Holy Eucharist very seriously. This deliberate action is a poignant reminder of the brokenness of the Anglican Communion. It makes clear that the torn fabric of the Church has been torn further. It is a consequence of the decision taken by our provinces to declare that our relationship with The Episcopal Church is either broken or severely impaired.

Scripture teaches that before coming to sit with one another at the Lord’s Table we must be reconciled. (Matthew 5:23-26 and 1 Corinthians 11:27-29) We have made repeated calls for repentance by The Episcopal Church and its leadership with no success. We continue to pray for a change of heart.

We are unable to come to the Holy Table with the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church because to do so would be a violation of Scriptural teaching and the traditional Anglican understanding, “Ye that do truly and earnestly repent you of your sins, and are in love and charity with your neighbours, and intend to lead a new life, following the commandments of God, and walking from henceforth in his holy ways; Draw near with faith” (Book of Common Prayer)

This is a painful decision for us and also for our host and brother, the Most Rev’d Donald Mtetemela. He understands our painful dilemma and accepts our decision. Pray for the Church.”

Friday, February 16, 2007
White Sands Hotel, Jangwani Beach, Tanzania


primates meeting: press conference video

Anglican TV has posted videos of the press conferences held in Tanzania:



These videos are each 30 minutes in length.


primates meeting: a selection from the blogs

Earlier, Andrew Brown had written I’m glad I’m not the Holy Ghost. Julie Pain produced this illustration to match.

Matt Kennedy on Stand Firm has written Response to and Refutation of the Wholly Inadequate Communion Sub-Group Report.

Anglican Centrist wrote Anglican Centrist – Evening Analysis Revised.

Kendall Harmon responded to this as follows:

The reason why the report makes schism more likely is because the report is not true and there is no real reconciliation and communion without truth. Heaven knows I don’t want schism, but now the atmosphere is even more clouded going into tomorrow because people did not do their homework. It is not the first time in Anglican history that a poor report has been given and it will not be the last. This situation is still redeemable, but the brink, is, alas, closer. One still watches, hopes and prays–KSH.

And Kendall also asked another question here.

Over at Global South Anglican Terry Wong also has some links, and adds his own comments too.

Jim Naughton has his analysis here.

Dan Martins has A Glass Half Full.

Mark Harris thinks that Dan Martins & Kendall Harmon give us reason to be vigilant.

GetReligion has this analysis.

And here is some background to the new Episcopal church blog, EpiScope.


primates meeting: Friday morning

Guardian Stephen Bates Anglican leaders avoid church split over homosexuals.

Daily Telegraph Jonathan Petre Primates consider ‘parallel’ Church.

New York Times Sharon LaFraniere and Laurie Goodstein A Move to Heal Anglican Rift, but Short of Conservatives’ Goal.

Los Angeles Times Morris Mwavizo and Rebecca Trounson ‘No talk of schism’ at Anglican conference and this editorial: Anglican angst.

Associated Press Elizabeth A Kennedy Anglican Leaders Discuss Stance on Gays

Reuters Katie Nguyen Anglican summit scrutinises US stance on gay clergy (updated version, adds quotes, details)

The Church Times (press deadline Wednesday afternoon) has this report from Pat Ashworth Tale of two hotels: archbishops assemble along with lobbyists near Dar es Salaam.

The Times paper edition has only a nib here.

Changing Attitude Day 4 report from Colin Coward.


primates meeting: Thursday evening

Updated again

Jonathan Petre has blogged Another bloody day in Paradise.

Steve Bates has blogged too, Crossing the divide.

Ruth Gledhill has blogged TEC ‘regret’ ok, says Gang of Four.

ACNS has published some Photographs.

Scott Gunn has blogged Evening press briefing: actual news, sort of. He has also posted this reflection, and there are Photos here. Caro Hall’s blog is here.

Peter Ould has blogged someone’s press conference notes here.

Over at Stand Firm Greg Griffith is extremely unhappy with the latest report. It is a falsehood perpetrated on the communion.

Andrew Hutchinson Primate of Canada, blogs here.

The American Anglican Council is not happy: A Statement by the American Anglican Council on the Communion Sub-Group Report.

George Conger has this report for the Living Church: Cordial Day of Listening Marks Opening Sessions in Tanzania.

ENS’ Matthew Davies has Primates engage in ‘intense listening,’ discuss Windsor response.

Reuters Katie Nguyen Anglican summit scrutinizes U.S. stance on gay clergy.

George Conger also wrote this piece for the Church of England Newspaper: Archbishop backs place for Schori.

Anglican Journal has Primates’ meeting begins with all at the table.


Communion report

Here is the report of the Communion Sub-Group given to the Anglican Communion Joint Standing Committee of the Primates meeting and the Anglican Consultative Council.

At their meeting in London in March 2006, the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council nominated four of its members to assist the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion in discerning the response of the Anglican Communion to the decisions of the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Some of these decisions related to requests made of the Episcopal Church in the Primates’ Statement of February 2005 at Dromantine, which incorporated the Primates’ response to the recommendations of the Windsor Report. The group appointed met in London in September 2006.

A PDF version of the report is here.


primates meeting: Thursday afternoon

The Living Church Presiding Bishop Attends Primates’ Orientation Session by George Conger.

That previously missing ENS story has been posted, In Tanzania, Episcopal Church missionaries, Presiding Bishop share perspectives, together with a later report by Matthew Davies Primates convene; Windsor response leads agenda.

Elizabeth A Kennedy of Associated Press has filed Episcopal leader’s gay views won’t waver.

The Anglican Church of Canada has Anglican Primates begin meeting in Dar es Salaam by Paul Feheley.

Katie Nguyen of Reuters sent Anglican summit scrutinises U.S. stance on gay clergy.

Colin Coward of Changing Attitude has Report from the Primates meeting – Day 3.

Scott Gunn has Photos! and News of the day? Not so much.

Kendall Harmon has written an article about why The Episcopal Church has Failed to Respond Adequately to the Calls of Windsor.


primates meeting: Thursday morning


On BBC radio this morning, the Bishop of Winchester Michael Scott-Joynt was interviewed. He thought that schism could be avoided if the leadership of the Episcopal Church would:

…stop oppressing a significant minority of itself, about a quarter of its bishops and dioceses, and allow them to exist and flourish in full communion with the rest of the Anglican Communion…

and he then repeated this:

…the really critical question is whether the majority of the Episcopal Church will allow space for what is something over a quarter of its bishops and dioceses, and many more than a quarter of its members to continue to hold the full beliefs of the church, both in terms of creeds, about Jesus, about God, and about marriage and Christian behaviour…

The Bishop of California, Mark Andrus was also interviewed.
Hear it all here (about 6 minutes).
Update Jim Naughton has responded to the Bishop of Winchester in Clueless Miter Man returns.

The Living Church has a preview of today’s session, On Day 1, Spotlight on The Episcopal Church.

From ENS Mary Frances Schjonberg reports Letter to Williams calls for rejection of alternative primatial oversight. The letter itself can be found here.
And Matthew Davies filed In Tanzania, Episcopal Church missionaries, Presiding Bishop share perspectives which seems to have got lost at the ENS site.

The Scotsman has this report: Church faces wider split over gay unions.


primates meeting: Wednesday

Updated again 10 pm Wednesday evening

Guardian Stephen Bates Williams faces fresh effort to stop Anglican split over gay clergy and in G2 The real Mr Big? on Archbishop Peter Akinola.

Telegraph Jonathan Petre Archbishop faces Church split

The Times Ruth Gledhill Archbishop faces boycott at gay summit and on the Comment pages It is time for the Anglican Luthers to divorce. There is a longer version of the latter on Ruth’s blog, Time for Anglicans to divorce.

Reuters Katie Nguyen Anglican leader faces tough summit to avoid schism

Changing Attitude has a second report from Colin Coward, and there is also this press release from Davis Mac-Iyalla relating to the Nigerian anti-GLBT legislation which is to be debated again today, 14 February, by Nigerian lawmakers.

Scott Gunn has also blogged from Tanzania, his first reports are here and here.

Late morning update

Another Living Church report: UN Anglican Observer May Brief Primates.

Toronto Globe and Mail Michael Valpy Anglicans face ‘a bit of pruning’ over gay rights

Reuters George Obulutsa Tanzania bishop breaks ranks in gay Anglican row

BBC Anglicans face difficult summit

Changing Attitude Davis Mac-Iyalla meets Archbishop Peter Akinola

Early Evening update

BBC Robert Pigott Anglicans facing threat of schism

Ekklesia Nigerian Primate has unexpected Valentines Day gay encounter and Welcome for Williams but interrogation for gay Christian in Tanzania.

Reuters Katie Nguyen US pro-gay bishop attends Anglican meeting

Associated Press Elizabeth A. Kennedy Anglican conference opens in Tanzania amid struggle over the Bible and sexuality link amended to longer version of this report

10 pm Update

Living Church George Conger Primates’ Official Opening Session Likely to Be Contentious

Dar es Salaam Daily News Anglicans meet on gay saga

Scott Gunn has reports: Conspiracy theories abound — news from this afternoon’s briefing, and then here, and here, and here.


primates meeting: Tuesday

Updated again Tuesday midnight

The Living Church has these reports:
Large Class of New Primates in Tanzania by George Conger
Elections and Politics Part of Tanzania Meeting by Steve Waring
Hero’s Sendoff for Presiding Bishop by Steve Waring

The Independent has a catch-up briefing:
The Big Question: Why is the Anglican Church facing a schism, and can it be prevented? by Adrian Hamilton

The Christian Science Monitor has Anglican leaders under pressure to prevent schism by Jane Lampman

And there is a report from Changing Attitude here.

Evening Update

The Living Church has Global South Will Propose Two-Province Solution

Ruth Gledhill has some information about an additional Nigerian attendee, see In case of spiritual crisis….

Midnight Update
Living Church
Alternate Primates’ Meeting Agenda Proposed
Primates’ Session with Episcopal Bishops Changed to Thursday

Telegraph Jonathan Petre Primates in their unnatural habitat

AAC David Anderson Security Goes Tight Around the White Sands Special Compound

The Times Ruth Gledhill It is time for the Anglican Luthers to divorce